Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 18 - Lamingtons (with gluten, wheat and dairy free)

These tasty little treats known as Lamingtons are absolutely delicious. Apparently they're traditionally Australian! They are also a brilliant way to rescue a Chocolate cake, or Vanilla for that matter, that has flopped. Whether your cake broke while moving it, or baked for too long and is now dry, you can always use the sad remains to make these tasty little delights, and no one will even know!!! And if you don't have a sad cake, you can start from scratch with my recommendations below.

Photo Credit: EatLittleBird.com

1 x Chocolate or Vanilla Cake (If you're starting from scratch, use this yummy Gluten Free Chocolate cake recipe, Chocolate Cake, or this Madeira Cake recipe, and bake a square or rectangular cake. Allow it to cool. It cuts best if its a day old, or else just freeze it a bit)
1 x Batch of this Ice Cream Chocolate Sauce or why not try the Glorious Fudge Ice Cream Sauce
Desiccated Coconut

1. Cut the cake into squares. Prepare a plate with coconut.
2. Spear each piece of cake with a fork and dip into the hot syrup. Do NOT soak.
3. Roll the square in the coconut to coat it fully.
4. Place on a wire rack to set.
5. Repeat with all the squares.

Note: for coloured Lamingtons first colour the coconut with food colouring.
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