Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Easy Marshmallow Fondant Icing

I usually don't enjoy Fondant icing, I think it tastes bad, but the Marshmallow Fondant Icing tastes DELICIOUS!!! So not only is it easy to make, it's also a pleasure to work with, and it keeps in the fridge for months but it's also yummy! This Icing can be used to Ice a Christmas fruit Cake, a wedding cake etc or to shape flowers and figurines with.

Easy Marshmallow Fondant Icing

Note on Coloured marshmallows: 
If you need to make white icing, then only use white marshmallows. I usually seperate my bag of pink and white marshmallows, and make a batch of white and a batch of pink. Use the pink icing to make any shade of pink, red, purple or orange. Use the white Icing to make white, blue, green, yellow.

225g Marshmallows
1/2C Wooden spoon Margarine (White Margarine)
450g Sifted Icing Sugar
Food colouring
Maizena (Corn flour)

1. Put the marshmallows in a microwavable bowl with a spoon of water. Microwave this on high for 1 minute, stir and micro again for a minute. It should be runny.
2. Add the Margarine and stir.
3. Add half the sifted icing sugar and stir, add more sugar until it forms a lumpy ball that cannot be stirred but needs to be kneaded instead. BE CAREFUL IT'S HOT!!!
4. Keep adding sugar until a nice dough like ball is formed that doesn't stick to your fingers.
5. Now add food colouring if needed, until the desired colour is achieved.
6. Dust the table top and rolling pin with Maizena (or icing sugar) and roll or shape the Fondant Icing as you please.
7. Any remaining Fondant icing can be stored in a ziplock bag in the fridge until next time.
8. If any Icing hardens before you were done with with it, you can microwave it for a couple of seconds to soften and revive it again.
9. Remember that when icing a cake with Fondant Icing, you need to first ice the cake with a layer of Butter Cream Icing. This helps it to stick.

Here are some pictures of Caked that I've decorated using this recipe.

So as you can see the possibilities are endless!!! HAVE FUN!
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