About Me

Hi, I'm Jacqui

I'm Wife to Malcolm, Mommy to Danica, Lila and Zachary.

I'm a Jesus follower and am passionate about my kids, homeschooling them, doing life with them and our favorite of all is baking & cooking together.

I was raised to be a happy & confident cook, being allowed to bake & make mistakes as early as I can remember. A deep heritage of good cooking and spectacular baking has been passed on to me from my Dutch Mother and Oma. Recipes are often being shared among us, like treasured gems.

I've decided to start keeping an online record of my collection of recipes in an attempt to preserve them for my own future generations as well as to be able to share them with you! Many of them are passed down from my Oma who is no longer with us, and the rest have been begged, borrowed or stolen from friends, family and acquaintances as they are fabulous tried and tested, flop proof recipes that just demand to be shared!

Over the years I've also added many Gluten Free, Wheat Free and Dairy Free recipes too! Enjoy!

P.S. If you enjoy a recipe, would you be so kind as to comment on it and let me know? 

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