Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 20 - Rum & Raisin Chocolate Ice Cream

When I first found this Rum & Raisin Chocolate Ice Cream recipe in a Fresh Living Magazine a year ago, I just KNEW that I had to made this for my Beloved who absolutely adores Rum & Raisin Ice cream. So I waited for his Birthday to spoil him with this surprise! Well it was so absolutely-delicious and out-of-this-world that he could hardly bring himself to share it with me! (oh and he also used my dairy allergy as a lame excuse) This weekend we have Mr Ice Cream himself, (my Brother in Law) coming to visit us in Knysna, so I thought this would be the perfect time to make this delicious Ice Cream again, seeing as it is really easy and so YUMMY! (Below is my version of the recipe, as I changed a few things)

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Rum & Raisin Chocolate Ice Cream

3 Jumbo eggs
2 Jumbo egg yolks
1 tsp Vanilla essence
1 C Castor sugar
2 Slabs Dark chocolate
2 C Cream
Presoak: 1/2 C Raisins in 1/2 C Spiced Rum

1. Place Eggs, extra yolks, vanilla and sugar in a heat proof glass bowl that will sit nicely over a saucepan.
2. Place a saucepan on the stove, fill with about 2cm of water and bring to a simmer.
3. Place the glass bowl on top of the simmering saucepan (be sure that the water doesn't touch it.)
4. Beat the egg mixture with an electric beater for 6-8 minutes until the mixture becomes thick and pale and threatens to spill over. Remove from heat.
5. Break the slabs of chocolate into another glass bowl and rest it on top of the saucepan. Stir the chocolate until it has melted evenly.
6. In a seperate mixing bowl, whip the cream until soft peak stage.
7. Mix the chocolate through the eggy mixture, then fold the cream through until gently combined.
8. Strain the raisins and add, (or add with the Rum - your choice)
9. Pour into a suitable freezer container that will fit about 2 liters. Freeze.
10. After 5 hours give it a gentle turning, preventing the raisins from sitting only at the bottom.
11. Allow to freeze overnight.
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