Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jelly Yoghurt Dessert (Wheat & Gluten Free)

Jelly Yoghurt Dessert is a childhood favorite of mine, Cherry or Peach being my favorite flavours. This is a lovely recipe for Children in the kitchen.

Jelly Yoghurt Dessert

1 Packet of Jelly
125ml Boiling Water
125ml Cold Water
500ml Yogurt (Same flavor as the jelly)
Whipped cream and berries for garnishing if you want to jazz it up!

1. Empty the jelly powder into a glass bowl.
2. Add 125ml boiling water and dissolve the powder.
3. Add 125ml cold water and 500ml yogurt and whisk to mix nicely.
4. Allow the Jelly yogurt to set in the fridge, as you would normal jelly.
5. Top with whipped cream and berries if you'd like!

Serves 4

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