Friday, February 1, 2013

Easy Cheesecake (With Wheat free alterations available)

Easy Cheesecake (With Wheat free alterations)

Successful baked cheesecake

2 Cups Cremora
1 Can Condensed milk
1 tub smooth Cottage Cheese
Lemon Juice
1 Packet Tennis Biscuits (3/4 might be ample) (WHEAT FREE: I make 1/2 a Chocolate Brownies batch as a thin base - YUMMO!)
Optional: Fresh berries for topping

1. Crush the tennis biscuits and lay in a dish (a whole packet seems too much)
2. Mix the first two ingredients.
3. Add Cottage Cheese and mix well.
4. Add lemon juice to taste. (I think I gave mine 5-6 squeeze's from the lemon juice bottle)
5. Pour the cheese mixture onto the crumbs.
6. Allow time to set in the fridge.

Note: I have previously arranged whole biscuits onto a tray (not touching) and then put the cheese mixture into a piping bag with a large nozzle and piped this onto the individual biscuits. Allow to harden in the fridge.

or you can top them with another biscuit to make a sandwich like Happy Home Baking does here below.

Very Yummy!!!

Serves at least 12 depending on how you cut it.
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