Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How the time flies!

I cannot believe that it has been almost 2 years since my last blog post! Well Hello! Time to get re-acquainted and re-focused. My kids have been doing a lot of growing up over these 2 years, we now have a teen in the house! She has also hung up her ballet pointe shoes, and is now revelling in her horse riding! Our second daughter is a true dancer through and through and cannot get enough of her ballet or her friends there. She also LOVES spending time in the kitchen and is a real entrepreneur. And our Last born son is a Cub at the Knysna Sea scouts who loves Mine-craft and is learning to program his own mods. They aren't my babies any more!

These days our lives can become so busy, rushing from here to there with little time to think ahead about preparing dinner. That needs to change in my house, urgently. My family's health is important to me, and what better way to show motherly love than to bless them with a delicious wholesome home-cooked meal at the end of a busy and full day.

At the moment my slow cooker is my new best friend. I've been experimenting with new recipes and I cannot get over how simple and easy cooking can be with a little planning and a few minutes in the kitchen in the morning... And the aromas that greet us at the door after a busy day are so welcoming and rewarding! 

So if you'd like to journey along with me and my Slow cooker and bless yourself and your family with delicious and easy meals, then it's time to get yourself a Slow cooker, or find the old one deeply stashed away in your pantry and give it a prime spot on your kitchen counter!

I'll be posting what I've been up to soon!
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