Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 22 - Banana & Chocolate Ice Cream (Dairy, sugar free)

This is a quick and easy way to make a healthy Ice Cream that contains neither Sugar nor dairy. The banana is the natural sweetener, and the dairy is replaced with coconut milk. We have also made this recipe but without the Cocoa, and added 1 tsp vanilla essence.

When I see that I have too many bananas and that my kids won’t eat them all before they are over ripe, I peel and chop some, and put them into freezer bags especially for this recipe. They are also a great addition to smoothies.

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Banana & Chocolate Ice Cream

¼ C Cocoa powder
¼ C Boiling water
5 Bananas, chopped and frozen
1 Can Coconut milk
1. Mix cocoa and water until smooth.
2. Place bananas and cocoa mixture into a blender and blitz.
3. Gradually add coconut milk until it reaches a soft serve consistency.
4. Pour it into a freezable container and freeze to set (6 hrs) stirring it up once.

Makes 1 litre
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