Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2 Bonus! - Coconut Ice

I hope you're all enjoying the 31 Days worth of recipes that are coming your way.
 I'm sure enjoying getting them online! (Hence the Bonus Recipes!)

Photo Credit: The Fab Guide . Com

I've had this Coconut Ice recipe as long as I can remember! It's very easy to make and is absolutely DELICIOUS!!! Just wait and see for yourself, melt in your mouth kinda stuff!

Coconut Ice

2 tins Condensed Milk
2 Packets of Coconut (200g each)
2 Packets of Icing Sugar (500g each)
Pink food colouring

1. In a large microwavable bowl, sift the icing sugar, pour the coconut on top, and then pour the condensed milk over that. (don't mix!)
2. Microwave this for 2 min, 20 seconds.
3. Mix it very well.
4. Microwave it for 2 min and 20 seconds again and stir it well again.
5. Pour this into a greased rectangular dish and smooth it on top.
6. Repeat this process with the remaining ingredients adding a few drops of pink food colouring at the end.
7. Pour this over the white layer and smooth it out.
8. Allow it to cool. Cut the Coconut ice into squares, before it hardens too much.

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